1997 - Long before the words “childhood obesity” were ever spoken, Executive Director David Cain created a children’s fitness cartoon Buff Buddies that was pitched to Disney and Fox Family Channel.                                

2005 - Year 1: Mr. Cain and his daughter Olivia started the Buff Buddies Fitness program out of the back of his car with a bag of balls in a field in La Canada, CA. Standing on the corner they handed out fliers to a nearby school and soon had more than 30 kids running, exercising and playing after school.                                          

2006 - Year 2: Buff Buddies Fitness becomes part of the La Canada Community Center Program. Intent on creating the children’s television show, Mr. Cain builds the Buff Buddies Fitness Center as the set for what would become The Buff Buddies Fitness Challenge see video in Programs.                                                                         

2007 - Year 3: The Arena was opened.                                                                                                                  

2008 - Year 4: The Buff Buddies Fitness Center was opened. Over the next six years mobile programs served the Cities of La Canada, Burbank, Los Angeles, Glendale, Valencia and Canyon Country!                     

2009 - Year 5: Buff Buddies expands to the City of Burbank Parks and Recreation Program.                                 

2010 - Year 6: Buff Buddies expands to the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Program.                          

2011 - Year 7: Buff Buddies expands to the Santa Clarita Valley opening in Valencia, CA.                                    

2013 - America’s Healthy Kids a Non – Profit is formed allowing us to expand into markets otherwise closed to a for profit company.

America’s Healthy Kids is the world's first exercise-based fitness curriculum for children between the ages of 3 and 11 years old. With the first generation of Super Size children turning into overweight adolescents, the results beg a solution. Our objective is to help children at various physical, emotional and intellectual levels develop confidence and self-esteem through fitness, love, understanding and positive reinforcement.

Our  History

Creating the next generation of healthy kids by offering the best exercise based fitness programs that are fun, inexpensive and open to children of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. America’s Healthy Kids was founded out of a commitment to the health of children. Beginning in 2005 as Buff Buddies Fitness, and continuing for the next eight years, the company is concerned about the lack of activity which many kids partake in and the ensuing obesity epidemic amongst the youth. The company has a position that if the kids are having fun, they will come back to America’s Healthy Kids again and again, keeping them active and keeping them healthy. The company offers kids a venue where they participate in sports and exercises so that on a regular schedule they may have some manner of exercise. With PE programs being cut across the nation and childhood obesity on the rise, America’s Healthy Kids recognized the importance of maintaining opportunities for children to engage in physical activities. Our programs offer children a safe and secure fitness environment along with close personal attention. The goals of America’s Healthy Kids are dual-sided: to help parents feel good about the care of their children and to make it a safe, vigorous, and fun experience for their children. Our activities are designed in such a way that children will want to return, thereby, setting them on a lifelong path to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our  Vision